Import France

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If you are moving to France for the first time or after at least one year abroad, you will be able to import your goods and possessions duty-free. Used household goods are duty free if they have been in the owner’s possession and used for at least 6 months. They should be for the owner and the residence in France should be his main residence. To do so, the French customs authorities require you to provide five pieces of documentation.

1.Non-Resale form
This form states that the goods you bring into France are for your personal use and not destined for sale to another party.

• 2.Valued inventory
Detailed Inventory in French with values expressed in EUROS, dated and signed by Importer. This form gives the French customs department a quick itemized overview of the nature of your goods, such as sofas, chairs, etc., and their estimated values.

• 3.Copy of your passport
A high-resolution scanned and printed copy would be better quality. If a couple is moving together, it is a good idea to include copies of both parties’ passports.

• 4. Proof of residence in France (electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.)
This document proves that you have a legal residence in France. It can consist of a French electricity or telephone bill or a contract of sale or open-ended rental on a property in France.

• 5.Change-of-residence certificate (French embassy or consulate) – ORIGINAL REQUIRED
This must be obtained before you leave, from the French embassy or consulate in your country of origin. It should state that you have spent the previous twelve months outside France. This document is obligatory for customs. However, if you are moving for professional reasons, a letter from your company’s human-resources department, stating why and when you are coming to France, will suffice only for shipment via Port Le Havre.

• 6. Vehicles / Motorbikes
Vehicle should be mentioned on inventory of household goods with registration number. The original registration card (original tittles), proof of ownership (purchase Invoice, bill of sale clearly stating price and customer’s name) are requested. These documents should ONLY be sent to Magellan Transit AFTER customs clearance in the country of origin. Insurance certificate from French insurer might be requested.
To be customs duties exempted and inbound car or motorbike, shipper must have lived out of the European community for more than one year. The car is not and will not be registered for a commercial use. The car should be in possession of shipper for more than six months, running from date of purchase of vehicle to date of departure of the shipper from the origin country.
The client can drive his car/motorbike as soon as it is customs cleared. The car/ motorbike has to be registered within a delay of 4 months, and should be examine by the French technical department “Services de Mines”. Then the car has to be registered at the “Prefecture” (shipper’s place of residence).
If shipper is allowed to enter his automobile in France free of duties and taxes, he has to keep the car for more than 12 months. After this delay he can sell his car. If shipper imports a brand new vehicle to France, or an automobile he doesn’t have for more than 6 months, he will have to pay duties and taxes at the time he imports the vehicle.
New household goods bought less than 6 months prior to the move, are subject to 19.6% VAT, plus duties about 12%. If you are moving to a secondary residence, you have to pay 19.6% Vat, as well as customs fees around 12% of your value declared.

Prohibited items: arms, weapons, ammunitions and explosives. Products issued from animals (ivory, tortoise shell…). Fauna & flora species threaten from disappearance as well as all products issued from them. Narcotics, drugs.

Free entry clearance takes 3 to 4 days from arrival of the shipment. The attendance for customer is not required for customs clearance.

The information provided is for purposes of information only and cannot substitute for customs rules in force.